Self publishing your first book can be a daunting task. If you’re an author looking to publish a Christian Book then partnering with a Christian Publishing company may be an option to consider. Publishing completely on your own is an option, and one gaining in popularity these days with the availability of Amazon and other online publishers. It can be done, and even successfully, however if you’re like many busy authors you’ve got a full time job already. Between that job, family, friends, church activities and everything else that life throws you it would either take a miracle to get that book published, or one of these things would suffer.

Here are the top 3 reasons to get help with self publishing Christian Books.

There are more than just three reasons to work with a publishing company, but to make this quick we’ll focus on the top reasons a Christian Publishing company could help you out.

1. Experience

As we’ve discussed life can get hectic. Writing a book takes enough time away as it is, but the great thing about writing is that it is enjoyable. Figuring out all the steps involved in self publishing may not be as enjoyable for some. That’s ok, because partnering with Lucidbooks or another Christian Publisher gives you the freedom to focus on the writing and promoting of your book instead of wasting hours researching how to purchase an ISBN or other task. Your publishing partner can lead you through the process making it easy, convenient and fast.

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2. Quality

From Designing a Cover to laying out the pages you want to make sure your book looks good. Today there are a variety of ways your book could be viewed. The printed book may be the ultimate goal, and should be of the best quality to compete on the shelf, however don’t forget the convenience and wide distribution range of an e-book. Your book will need to look good on all devices from a Kindle to an iPad to a laptop computer.

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3. Author benefits

Your publishing a Christian book, so working with a partner that believes in your message and has similar values can very rewarding for all involved. We are all in this for similar reasons, and selling books is not the only one. We want to make a difference in the world by getting your message out there. Self publishing Christian Books is exciting and at Lucidbooks we are passionate about the whole process. Continuing to educate our writers after the book has been published is part of that process. We can advise in setting your book prices, as well as promoting your book through a high quality website.

With Lucid you have the advantage of  selling through your own networks with a 30-50% royalty rate, and quick turn around time. Self publishing can easily become partnership publishing with our help. Contact us today to get on your way to becoming a published author.

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