Beyond Blessed: An 8-Week Study of the Book of Ephesians

by Marsha Taylor

You are Beyond Blessed!

Beyond Blessed is a verse-by-verse study of Ephesians that focuses on the believer’s great riches in Christ. Not only are we saved by God’s grace but incredible blessings have also been poured into our lives through Jesus Christ. This study will help you understand and appropriate all God has given you.

  • Discover the extraordinary blessings that are yours from God, and learn ways to live every day in light of all God has done.
  • Explore God’s Word through in-depth study and thought-provoking study questions.
  • Claim your true identity and purpose in Him . . . and stop believing defeating lies that hinder your walk with Christ and rob you of joy in everyday living.
  • Embrace how you are loved by God.

God has given you so much. You are forgiven, accepted, loved, and showered with His blessing both now and for eternity.

In addition, Video Teaching Sessions to accompany each lesson are available for purchase through Fresh Surrender Ministries.


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