Christian Family MELTDOWN!: Are All Men Idiots?

by Mark Peters

Who’s in charge of your family…ANYONE? WILL YOU BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?

Our society is rapidly changing, and many would say things are not changing for the better. As the family deteriorates, who can help us with the huge deficit of moral truthfulness that we all face in our world?

It seems impossible to stem the tide of information overload threatening the existence of our current families. If we don’t make effective inroads against it there is little hope for the generations of those who follow us to have loving families of their own. What priorities are you focused on? Who and what are winning the battle for your heart, soul, & mind?

The “dumbing-down” and elimination of the father as the Spiritual leader of the family is tragic. Many families are broken, splintered, and injured, strewn along the roadside of convenient and easy divorce. We are seeing the tremendously high price paid by all of us within this catastrophic debacle! In fact, some would say that even the “Christian” family is in “MELTDOWN!” mode…

There is only one hope for the state of affairs in our modern, broken families, and that hope is under attack from the media, judiciary, and even our elected officials. Our nation has turned its back on the only Savior Who can truly save her! Join author Mark Peters as he looks at where our families seem to be headed in these difficult and tumultuous times.

READ this book if you want to take a serious look at yourself…your family…and your walk of faith!


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