Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact

by Randy Brown


What does it mean to be fully alive? Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact is an eye-opening journey that stresses the importance of living life right in the middle of where God is working. The point of impact of any crash is where the most force and change occur. Christ’s death on the cross was the point of impact that changed the world-the people whom Jesus met were sent on an inevitable crash course that would alter the way man would connect with God forever. Our relationship with Christ, in turn, relies on this point of impact with a personal Savior who wants to give us an abundant life and help us impact the people and community in which we live.

In order to make a radical impact, we must:

  • Understand the effect of true intimacy with Christ
  • Discover that our identity is determined by the point of impact with Christ
  • Realize that our perspective will directly affect our impact
  • Learn that our attitude can greatly influence the intensity of our impact
  • Discover that an encounter with Christ will determine the trajectory of our lives
  • Develop a desire to leave traces of this “impact” for other to follow

Randy’s heartbeat is to relay biblical truth to a generation seeking relevant Christianity in today’s world. In Crash, Randy shows teenagers, parents, and youth leaders the importance of understanding God’s Word so that we may show God’s love to an unbelieving world. If you are tired of just existing and want to be fully alive, come along with Randy on this journey of discovery as we seek to live life at the point of impact!


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