Dark Valleys: When You Love Jesus But Hate Life

by Todd M Smith

When you find yourself loving Jesus but hating life, rest assured you are in good company. Many men and women before you have found themselves in the same position. This life is filled with dark valleys, and most of us are just looking for an immediate way out of the valley we’re in. You may have been told the fix to the darkness of depression and sadness is either more prayer or more pills, more church or more counseling, more truth or more therapy. But what if the solution is not an “either-or?”

This book won’t offer a quick fix or a shallow, over-simplified, five-step solution. What it will offer is an honest, hard look at depression, sadness, scriptural truth, and the promise that God is your shepherd.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The crucial first step to take when you’re in the valley
  • Ways to find contentment in your darkness
  • The difference between joy and happiness
  • How to shift your perspective in the valley
  • That peace is found not in the absence of darkness, but in the presence of the shepherd

The next step is yours. Will you take it?


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