Friend of Sinners: An Approach to Evangelism

by Harvey Turner

“Harvey Turner is one of the better evangelists I have had the privilege of knowing. He personifies what he writes here. This isn’t a book written by a man unwilling to wade into the lost world, but by a man who opens his home, uses his time and lives intentionally in the hopes that men and women will become sons and daughters of God.”

— Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church, President of Acts 29 Church Planting Network

Jesus was a friend of sinners. Are you?

Most Christians understand that telling others about Jesus is important and want to reach people who don’t know God. But most believers don’t actually share the gospel, because they don’t know how.

In “Friend of Sinners,” Pastor Harvey Turner unpacks the Why, What, and How of evangelism. The book begins with a close look at Christ’s conversations with people, and Harvey then uses Christ’s example as the foundation for the rest of the book. This practical, biblical approach to evangelism helps believers break down the barriers preventing them from telling people about Jesus so that they feel empowered to share the gospel.

friend of sinners

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