Husbands by Design: A Biblical Blueprint of Godly Husbands

by Ed Johnson III


Every man’s ambition. We want to be great at our jobs. We desire to have great possessions. We long to accomplish great feats. We aspire to make a great impact in our local churches and communities, and around the world. Oh, and if we get a great woman along the way, that would be, well, great too. But what about being a great husband?

For those of us who cross the marital threshold, that is one of God’s purposes for our lives. And thankfully He hasn’t left us to figure out how to become one on our own. In Husbands by Design, Ed Johnson III lays out God’s blueprint – the Bible – showing the specs on what it looks like and what it will take to be great, godly husbands for the glory of God in Christ.

husbands by design

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