If You Die Today!: Where Will You Be Tomorrow?

by Mark Peters

Do you believe you will live for eternity?

Or do you believe that life on this earth is all there is? If this life is all there is, what is the meaning of it? Are you sure you know? Many, if not most, of the people in this world never even contemplate these questions.

When you do, you must realize that each of us could be wrong in our assumptions about this present life, as well as what is waiting for us after our lives have run their course!

Some of us seem to have everything that could make us happy-yet we struggle with heartaches that keep us from the true happiness we should have. After all, isn’t that what we are all seeking: true happiness?

But what if the “happiness” we are so intent on achieving is really a lie this world imposes on us? Is there anything in this world that will indeed give us true joy?

Come along in this compelling read to get some answers to these questions and others you may have about what you are really seeking in this life-and in the life to come!

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