Live to 120: Love Every Minute

by Joel E Reed, M.D.

This book will clarify the relative contribution of your genetic makeup and the effect that environmental factors have on your longevity. It will show how much power you have to control these influences.

Even “bad” genes can sometimes be “turned off” or their emergence significantly delayed by what you do. You will be surprised at how much difference the decisions you make in your personal choices will make in your health, fitness, and avoidance of risks and hazards.

If the extra years are to have real worth and meaning, you must find the key to the full and happy life. It centers upon your ability to confront the trials, tribulations, and adversities that we all must face. I cite two extreme examples of the power and might that faith and divine guidance can have in the face of overwhelming misfortune. This strength can be yours as well.

I found it in my life through love, the type of love described by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the young church in Corinth. When you can let “love your neighbor” be your guide, you will be walking with God and your life cannot be fuller. “God is love.” (I John 4:8),



live to 120

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