A Living Hope: Examining History’s Most Important Event and What It Means for the World

by Matt Hodges

No one has had a greater effect on the world than Jesus of Nazareth. But how does a simple carpenter from first-century Palestine end up shaping the course of history more than anyone who has ever lived? By accomplishing what no other person has ever done: by rising from the dead. Lots of people have passed on helpful teachings, and many have died for their cause, but no one has changed the world like Jesus has, because no one has done what Jesus did.

In his resurrection, Jesus proved that he was far more than just another religious revolutionary: he was God incarnate. Unfortunately, many people discount this aspect of Jesus’ identity, claiming that a resurrection from the dead isn’t possible.

This book shows that not only is Jesus’ resurrection philosophically possible but that a careful and honest assessment of the historical data confirms its historicity. More importantly, though, it explores how Jesus’ victory over death gives us hope-a living hope-and secures for us an unimaginably joyful future.

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