When I Make It to Heaven I’m Going Straight to The Complaint Department

by Joel Reed

Ever wonder why God gave us seemingly useless parts in this marvelous creation we call the human body? As a physician, I have not only wondered this over the years, but have felt God should be called to account for not correcting these errors. Why did he leave it up to doctors to have to scramble and patch up the ailments of the body? Some body parts are not engineered to last as long as they should and wear out too quickly. Some just don’t function well in today’s environment. Surely God could have done a better job to begin with, or, at least, could have modified them to better fit the slow process of evolution.

And why did he ever create mosquitoes?

This book describes what I imagine a conversation with God would be like if I were to ask him the questions I’ve built up throughout the years. In the conversation I call to God to task for these blunders. He listens patiently, but then suddenly turns the tables on me.

I bet his reaction will surprise you.

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