Pitfalls: Along the Path to Young and Reformed

by Kyle Worley

HAVE YOU FALLEN IN A PIT ON THE PATH TO YOUNG AND REFORMED? If the young and reformed are to be anything greater than a movement in the early years of the 21st century, we must begin to examine the heart of the movement. Are we stumbling into any pitfalls along the way?

Pitfalls: Along the Path to Young and Reformed is an attempt to provide a heart analysis of some stumbling blocks on the path of the young and reformed. So, will we be a movement that lifts up Christ by humbly confessing that no matter how orthodox our theology and methodology might be we still are desperate for grace? Or, will we press forward, naively assuming that since we appear to be moving with the trend we are moving towards Christ? The question really is: Will we carry a cross or will we beat a drum?


“Those inside and outside the “young, restless and reformed” community will profit from this insider’s insights. He’s learned lots of lessons over the years and shares them with us all.”

— David Naugle, Professor of Philosophy, Dallas Baptist University, Author of Philosophy: A Student’s Guide (Crossway 2012)

“Kyle Worley has given us a profound and personal contribution to understanding the “New Calvinism” of which he is an important part. The book brims over with theological and historical depth yet comes from Kyle’s affections (in the Edwardsian sense) which are stirred by the Lord he serves.”

— Dr. Joseph “Skip” Ryan, Chancellor, Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, Austin, Houston


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