Pray As You Are: Finding Your Voice in Prayer

by Laura Murray

Can we really be honest with God? Can we ask “why?” in our disappointments? “How?” during the impossibilities? “If only” in our dashed hopes? And can we dare to be brutally honest with God, trusting he will hear us?”

God says, “Yes!”

Pray As You Are is a devotional workbook where you will find conversations and prayers. These conversations come from those before us who talked face to face with the God of the universe-and lived to tell us the story. You will find doubters and demanders, the curious and the questioning, the hopeful and the hopeless, the wonderers and the wanderers. We will walk through their stories, pay attention to our stories, and pray as we are.

This devotional workbook will lead you to:

  • Find your prayer voice as you write new prayers that reflect honesty and deep desires
  • Gain peace, contentment, and joy as you share honestly with God
  • Grow deeper in your trust in God and in relationship with others

My hope and my prayer is that you will find that the God of the universe wants you to be FREE to converse with him, free to talk, free to listen, free to Pray As You Are.


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