Relentless Pursuit: God’s Gentle Guidance Amidst the Storm

by Sheri Adams-Briggs

Be Challenged. Be Encouraged. Be Aware of God Moving in Your Life

Through this gripping autobiography, the author paints a compelling picture of God’s redemptive power. God took what was evil in Sheri’s life, including a cult upbringing, being born into an alcoholic home, a brutal car accident, and tragic family loss. He transformed Sheri, and she discovered that God is the perfect Parent of His children and gives a deep experience of His love in the midst of suffering.

Complete with moments of humor, spiritual insight, personal stories, and tragic narrative, the reader will discover inspiring stories of miracles and life-changing encounters with God that reflect His Almighty name and display His unchangeable character, nature, and attributes. Readers will also…

– Be challenged to see a loving, all-seeing, all-knowing God in the middle of harsh circumstances.

– Be encouraged to see and trust God through trials in their own lives..

– Be challenged to believe God’s word and His call on their life, and by faith step into it.

Ultimately, this knowledge gives us the confidence to embrace both joy and suffering with a God who promises to be ever so near to us in all parts of life.


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