Secure: The Prayer Guide

by Susannah Baker

Just as regular communication between a parent and child is vital to growing a secure, healthy relationship, so is prayer steeped in God’s word necessary to foster a secure, healthy relationship with our heavenly father. But in a world that moves at breakneck speed, slowing down and taking the time to pray persistently and intimately often seems an overwhelming or futile task for most Christians.

This prayer guide is the result of years of personal study on prayer in the life of Susannah Baker and in the lives of women she disciples. Through use of the acronym PRAY, she provides clear, simple, yet effective tools to use in Praising, Repenting, Asking, and Yielding in prayer on a daily basis. Each section guides you through how to personalize your prayers to give expression to the struggles and deep, personal desires of your heart so that no matter your circumstances, there is space to walk freely and securely with a good father who dearly loves His children.

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