Uncluttered: Discovering Strength and Purpose in the Chaos of Life

by Lisa Giesler

As a mental health professional and advocate, I found such value in this incredible book. Contrasted with her award-winning last book, Lisa takes a poignant and below-the-surface look at how clutter and chaos reflect our inner struggles and the need to fill a void. Uncluttered gives a profound, sensitive and clarifying look at the world of disorganization and how our environment plays such an important part in our mood. Lisa shares stories of her personal experiences in her world of organization along with an epiphany of knowledge about how this impacts her intimate world of self-discovery. She gives her clients a voice contrasted with her own in her unique approach of battling the age-old struggle of chaos versus inner peace. A must-read for anyone who seeks a journey of peace in a disorganized world.

— Teresa Cox Reading, RN


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