What Leaders Are: Book 1 of the Understanding Leadership Series

by Nathan Neblett

“Starting from the one constant that ‘we know a leader when we see one,’ Nathan Neblett accompanies us on a journey to the core of What Leaders Are. He distills his research into a clear set of leadership traits and provides a guide to concrete steps that we can each take to develop these traits through deeper reflection and consistent practice. The numerous calls to action will no doubt keep you coming back. This is a must-read as a source of inspiration and growth for budding into seasoned leaders.”

— Dr. Michelle Sisto, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, EDHEC Business School

Does “leadership” seem like a complicated topic? Do the various styles, techniques, and opinions you’ve seen clarify the topic or only complicate it? What Leaders Are explains these concepts for those who have leadership responsibilities now or who want to become leaders in the future. The book tackles questions such as:

  • Why is it difficult to define leadership?
  • Which concepts of leadership do we “need to know” and which ones are “nice to know”?
  • How can we develop what we “need to know”?

By comparing historical writings with modern attitudes collected in a global survey, Nathan Neblett has explored two primary facets of leadership: what leaders are and what leaders do. Book one of the Understanding Leadership series investigates the first concept-what leaders are-to identify the core concepts of leadership and to arm you with the knowledge necessary to develop those characteristics in yourself.

You are a leader. If you want to be a better leader, read on.


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