Which Way Is Up?

by Mark Peters


In the “hustle and bustle” of the world around us, many of us feel angst and trepidation about what we are accomplishing and doing with our lives. We as a people are searching, and seemingly not doing a very good job of finding the meaningful answers we seek! If you are going to heaven, will you be taking anybody with you? Mark will help “kick-start” your effectiveness in witnessing to others about your faith in Christ. With this convincing, yet at times humorous read, you will find yourself relating to real life stories which will spur you on to gain more “tools” in your Spiritual armory for sharing Christ with those around you.

It is a sad fact that many “professing” Christians in our churches today have spent virtually no time learning what His Word says to them about how they are to live their lives. As such, they are ill-prepared and don’t even know where to search for answers in the one true instruction book the Lord gives us – the Bible! The book, with its many Scriptural references, will enlighten those with little exposure to His Holy Word as to where to look and find answers – answers to their many questions about “why am I here?”
DO NOT read this book if you do not want to take a serious look at your walk of faith! It will convict you to your core and challenge you to step back, look at your relationship with Christ, and make serious adjustments in how you relate to Him. This will then enable you to better “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk” of your faith. Join Mark in a look at where we seem to be at the present, and where we are headed in the scope of our eternal future!

About the Author:
Dr. Mark Peters has maintained a private dental practice for 27 years and has also taught at a post-graduate dental institute in Miami, Flordia for the last 23 years. Having been involved in daily Bible study for 26 years, along with teaching various Sunday school classes, has given him insights into our walks of faith and the effectiveness of them. How we, as Christians, impact those around us for Christ, is his driving focus. Dr. Peters lives in Conroe, Texas with his wife, Keyea, and their two children, Kailey and Joseph.

which way is up

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