3 Reasons Why You Are the BEST Marketer for Your Book

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“Do I even need to think about the marketing for my book?”

“Doesn't someone else handle all the marketing for me?”

These are common questions brought to us by authors. The answer is yes, we want to help you have everything you need to effectively market your book and achieve as much success as possible. But you, the author, are actually the best marketer for your book.

The reality is, there is a much higher Return-On-Investment (ROI) when authors connect with their target readers than when their publisher or generic marketing does.

If you have published a book or are working toward publishing, you MUST understand why you are the BEST marketer for your book.

  1. Readers Need a Personal Connection
    Our culture is becoming increasingly hungrier for relational connections. As such, they trust organizations less and instead desire personal relationships with people who have something to say. Readers might purchase a book because a publisher recommended it, but they are far more likely to purchase and then actually read a book if they know the author and what they stand for.
  2. You Can Communicate the Unique Vision behind Your Book
    No one knows your brand, audience, and content as intimately as you do. No one can communicate to your readers like you can. YOU are the expert! The authors we have seen really thrive and succeed are the authors who have taken ownership to find their marketing voice and style and have invested in the ongoing promotion of their books. When authors get involved directly with the message of their marketing, they sell more books, create more opportunities to influence their audience, and have more fun! And in turn, the success of your book enables your mission and vision to come to life.
  3. You Need to Build a Following and Brand for Your Future Books
    When your readers connect directly with you, this goes a LONG way in not only the success of your current book but also your future books. For most of our authors, their book projects are a part of a bigger mission and vision instead of a single book. They want to connect with readers and help them for years to come. They are looking to encourage, inform, inspire, and entertain their readers. But unless your audience connects with you personally through your current book, they’re unlikely to actively follow you and care about (or even know about) the next book you release. Building a brand as an author is a long-term endeavor, so use each book release to grow your audience and continue to connect with even more readers. 

Most people want their publisher to market for them because they don't want to come off as pushy or salesy. We understand. We don't want you to be that person either (unless it matches your brand). But we have to understand that if you invest time and money into creating a fantastic book, then your future reader’s life will be better for knowing you and reading your book.

There are plenty of ways for you to market your book while using your voice and remaining consistent with your vision. For our authors, we are here to support, educate, and also serve them to ensure that people not only read their books, but have the necessary resources to share these books!

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Laurie Waller

Laurie Waller

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