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Lucid offers many options for our authors to publish different editions of their book. Depending on the author’s needs, we have the capacity to print both paperback and hardback editions of most of our books. With printing costs rising and hardback editions becoming more difficult to produce, we are pleased to make this available.

In addition to our print options, Lucid Books is able to generate ebooks for Kindle, Nook, iBook, Vyrso. As more and more books are being purchased digitally, it is a priority that authors get their works formatted for a variety of platforms. Lucid is able to do this and ensure that readers can access your books from their preferred device.

Audiobook editions are increasingly popular and Lucid is able to produce them for many of our authors. If this is important to you, we would love to discuss how we can make it possible for your book.

Our many print and digital editions are available not only in the U.S., but globally. Lucid is able to get your book in the hands of readers from across the world so you aren't limited to a U.S. audience only.

We are also able to offer options for publishing your work in different language editions and have had the opportunity to produce our books in other languages.

These comprehensive options give much broader solutions than most hybrid and self-publishers and we are pleased to have these available for many of our clients.

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