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At Lucid Books, we ensure that our books are designed by experts in color theory, font smithing, and book theory. Our designers understand how to translate a cover between screen and print, making it flexible for both graphic and book design.

In an industry where templates are often used, we believe in the importance of a book catalog that is as varied in covers as it is in authors. We value the experience and education of our designers in creating covers, interiors, and back covers that cause readers to pick up the book and ultimately enjoy the reading experience as much as they enjoy the content.

There is a great difference in what a cover looks like as a 1×2 image on a computer screen as opposed to a 6×9 paperback. We want to go beyond industry standards and ensure that none of our books look self-published. We stay with and in front of the curve. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the right designers in place for the job.

Smart Innovation

Lucid Books understands there is a time to break industry standards and a time to stay within them. Our goal is to be innovative when it’s appropriate and to know when too much innovation will hurt, leading to confusing or unattractive covers.

Rather than pricing out inexpensive cover templates, we design your book cover for maximum impact and eye-catching interest.

One of the best parts of partnership publishing is that the author is able to have a say in what they like and dislike, ensuring that you can be as proud of the cover as you are of the manuscript.

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