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Multiple Printing solutions for authors

At Lucid Books, we do things a little bit differently. Whereas most partner publishers and self-publishing agencies offer only print-on-demand, we believe in the importance of having further options.

That’s why we give you the chance to have enough inventory on hand for what you need. We cater to wholesale printing, short-run printing, mid-run printing, and long-run printing. We also offer printing in and out of the U.S. so that your international readers don't have to wait.

Choose the printing options you need

Print-on-demand means that a book is printed only once it’s been ordered and there is no inventory kept by the publisher or author (aside from what they have for their own library). With short-run printing, we keep a small number of books pre-printed and ready to move. Mid-run keeps a slightly larger volume on hand, and long-run printing allows us to keep a much greater number of books printed in advance.

In addition to our printing runs, Lucid prints in paperback trade and hardback options. We use high-quality materials so your book maintains the professionalism from digital manuscript to its finished, physical form. Our children’s books are printed to maintain the vibrancy of any illustrations and ensure that nothing is lost during the printing process.

We are happy to discuss your needs and determine what print run will give you the best outcome.

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