3 Ways to Know if Partnership Publishing Is For You

3 Ways to Know if Partnership Publishing Is For You

Partnership Publishing isn't for everyone. But is it for you? Read more to find out

Recently, I was chatting with a first-time author. I loved hearing how eager she was to help people with her message, and I was struck by how much work she’d already invested in the manuscript. She had already taken a writing course, hired an editor, and poured hours upon hours into her manuscript.

I told her maybe she could benefit from Partnership Publishing with Lucid Books, but she was concerned. She didn’t want the hassle of finding an agent and shopping her manuscript to traditional publishers. Even if she landed a traditional deal, she would have to wait 12 to 24 months for the book release.

She looked at me directly and said, \”What is it you do that I can't do myself?\”

I replied, \”Nothing and everything.\”

Her smile faded and her head tilted. \”Um…I’m confused,\” she said.

I went on to explain everything we handle for our partners in the areas of writing/editing, publishing, and promotion of books. I explained she could do all of these things herself, but she stopped me short with a wave of her hand.

\”Look, I wouldn’t even know where to start with any of that.\”

I then proceeded to give her 3 ways to know if Partnership Publishing is for her:

1. Your vision for writing & publishing goes beyond friends & family

I love that some folks invest their time in writing a book as a keepsake or a resource for those in their immediate sphere of influence. Many people have a book within them that needs to get out, and they have no vision for it beyond just having the ability to say, \”I’ve written a book.\”

While this is commendable, these are not the types of projects best for us to partner with.

The authors who work really well for Partnership Publishing are those who have a vision beyond their immediate sphere of influence and the desire and drive to expand their reach with a professional book.

2. You want to spend your time on creating content and pursuing your passions.

If you have time to spend hiring and vetting graphic designers, editors, file conversions, advertising, and doing all of the registration paperwork that goes into writing, publishing, and promoting a book, you may be better off doing it yourself.

But Partnership Publishing is perfect for authors who want to spend their time pursuing their passions and the things that bring the most value to their lives and the lives of others. People expanding their reach have less time to focus on details and logistics, and could benefit from a scaling publishing solution. This solution frees them up to do what they do best.

3. You want to go further with a team of encouraging experts.

Lucid Books wants to be the “dream team” for our authors. We love nothing more than helping authors maximize their impact. We do this by providing scalable, pain-free writing, publishing, and promotional services so they can expand their reach.

Several Lucid team members have written and published books and understand firsthand the process authors go through. We understand there are days you want to quit, and days when ideas gush out of you and you’re on cloud nine.

Partnership Publishing is a great fit for authors who want to focus on their expertise while our A-Level team members support their growing platform and expanding message.

After I shared these three points with the author, she looked at me and said, “It sounds like Partnership Publishing is the perfect solution for me.”

Many authors come to realize the limitations of self-publishing and the frustrations found in traditional publishing are remedied when they partner with Lucid Books, a Partnership Publisher.

If you’re interested in learning more about Partnership Publishing, you can click here to download our FREE Partnership Publishing Guide.


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