5 Reasons Book Cover Design Is Crucial for Success

Despite the predictions made over the last decade, printed book sales continue to rise by double digits. This means there’s going to be an increase in competition among writers and publishers for a piece of the pie. That’s all the more reason to make sure that your book cover design stands out from the crowd.

Memorable book covers end up on t-shirtstote bags, and being spoofed by internet comedy sites. The covers of books that we read as kids stick with us for a lifetime and help influence our vision of the world both within the book and outside of it.

If you’re trying to find the right cover for your book, don’t be hasty about it. You need something that strongly reflects the work you’ve put into it. Here are 5 reasons why your book cover design will lead to your book’s success.

  1. Captures Attention

Great book covers make the eyes of a reader or buyer stop as they scan a room or a website for their next read. Your cover should fit in within the genre that your writing fits into, but still be able to stand out.

You need to fit a reader’s expectations as they scan the aisle of history, mystery, or fantasy books, while also connecting to your own story. In this way, your cover is as important as a memorable title.

  1. Get People to Feel Something

As so many purchases are connected to an emotional reaction, you need to arouse something in a potential reader to get them to connect. They should feel something as soon as they see you book.

You’ll be in a room with tens of thousands of other books or on a site with every book ever written. Your cover might be all that you have that gets your reader’s attention, so just like that gorgeous person on the train, make your move now before they’re gone.

  1. Gives a Taste of the Story

When someone picks up your book, they shouldn’t be able to describe the whole story, but they should get an idea of what it’s about. A sentimental watercolor of a house on a hill might be a period piece about a family. A man with his face obscured standing beneath a lamp post might be about a crime.

Let your readers know what they’re in for and give them an intriguing taste of what to expect. Your cover will also allow them to visualize things as they read. If it’s important that they visualize a person a certain way, your book can help move that along.

  1. Makes Readers Feel Confident

Poorly designed book covers make readers feel a little embarrassed to read them in public. A bad cover makes readers more buy your book out of obligation, not because they’re excited about it.

A strong cover should let people know that your story is high-quality and considered.

  1. Helps Sellers Feature the Book

Aside from making sales, putting a cool book at the front of the store or on top of a pile of books will draw buyers into shops. A great book cover is as important for you as it is for anyone who carries your book.

Your Book Cover Design Will Increase Sales

Having a book that looks great gets people excited. They might not recognize your name yet, but once they start seeing that cover jumping out at them around town, you’ll be stuck in their heads.

If you’re ready to put an iconic looking cover on your next book, contact us to get more tips for designing the perfect book.


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