5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book


Writing a book takes a significant amount of time. You have to decide on the right topic, research the conversations surrounding the subject, determine a clear structure for the book, and then actually write it. Then you’ll need to edit the book, have it printed and distributed, and determine an effective marketing plan.

Is it worth all the trouble?

Here are 5 reasons why you should write a book.

Because Books Are Important

For many years, when people created something important they wanted to remember or share, they wrote it down. They may have used a hammer and chisel, a paintbrush on a wall, or a pen and paper—but people found a way to make words last.

Books give us the opportunity to make an important idea last. As writers, we do the important work of gathering research, conducting interviews, and reflecting on our own experiences so that we can offer something of value to others.

Books are important, and the work of creating them is important.

Because You Need to Increase Your Credibility

Writing a book can be the best business card you ever have. Being the author of a book helps establish your name in people’s minds and encourages them to view you as an authority in your field.

Books help you define your platform and brand—they force you to decide how you want to market yourself and separate your brand from the competition. They are a way to say to people, “This is who I am, and this is what I do.”

Because You Need to Expand Your Audience and Reach

Whether you are a speaker, thought leader, or business owner, books are a powerful method for you to get your message out to more people. When marketed right, a book will help increase your speaking opportunities and reach into circles you otherwise would have difficulty reaching.

They also give you something to send to clients or people you want to connect with. For example, if you want to get onto a podcast or speak at a certain event, sending your book to organizations can go a long way to introduce yourself to people and get your foot in the door.

Because You Feel Called to Write a Book

There are times in your life when you know you are being drawn to do something. You can't get away from it. You find yourself reading blog posts about it, you wake up thinking about it, and you bring it up in conversation with friends and colleagues.

It’s important to listen to those feelings. They tell you that you have an idea to share, that you have an important task to accomplish.

Pursuing this calling is important for your self-growth. Shying away from a goal you want to accomplish is never going to help you grow—it’s only going to make you that much weaker when it comes to the next life goal you want to accomplish. Dedicating yourself to the work and breaking past your boundaries will help you push yourself even further later on.

Because You Want to Inspire, Inform, and Enrich Your Readers

The most important reason to write a book is that you have a message you know people need to hear. Perhaps you’ve developed unique insight into your field that will help other people. Maybe you have lived through experiences that will encourage and educate people going through similar circumstances.

We can all point to one book (or many!) that defined a certain time in our life or completely disrupted our viewpoint. Maybe you read a book as a child that sparked your interest and led you into your career path. Or perhaps a certain book was the catalyst that pushed you to start your own business.

For many of us, books have been an essential part of our lives. Write a book because you want to give that same gift to someone else.

What’s stopping you from writing a book? Is it fear, uncertainty, or lack of time? Whatever is hindering you, decide to push past the boundaries and accomplish what you know you need to get done.

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