5 Smart Strategies for Your Book Presale

In the modern publishing landscape, authors are responsible for a fair amount of publicity regarding their books. However, this is a good thing! It gives you a chance to build hype for your book presale—just the way you’d like it.

There’s no denying that marketing can be intimidating. Writing can be solitary, but marketing during your presale is your biggest chance to get your name (and your book) in front of the right eyes.

Don’t get lost and bogged down with marketing strategies. Read on to develop a foolproof method to get audiences hyped up before your book is even released!

Strategies for your book presale

Offer a chapter for free

A great way to build excitement for your book is to offer a chapter of it for free! There are various different ways to offer it to your potential audience.

You can release it as a goodie for those who join your mailing list, you can give a link to your twitter followers, or you can just post it and hope for the best.

Regardless of which method you choose, this is an awesome way to get people hyped up for your book. Hopefully, your first chapter is loaded with juicy questions and tidbits that will have readers clamoring for more—and this is just the book presale!

Build a landing page

Something all professionals should be doing, including writers, is creating a landing page. It makes sense to do this during the presale, as your audience can sign up to receive updates regarding the process and release.

What is a landing page? A landing page is a page on your website which goes into detail about what’s being offered. It’s got images, it’s got a to-the-point (but still exciting!) description of your book, and most importantly, it has a form that your audience can fill out.

Create killer social media posts

Once you’ve got these taken care of, you can feel free to advertise your book!

Today, it’s an author’s job to do a lot of publicity for their book, and there are luckily several different avenues you can take to get its name out there.

You can join writing forums to promote your book (but be sure to check their rules to make sure it’s allowed). Additionally, you can offer advanced copies to blogs in exchange for reviews.

Social media is a great place to start advertising! Join groups for your book’s genre and let them know it’s coming.

Print advertising is also an option, and a great one if you can spare the expense.

Set up interviews and conferences

Once your marketing strategy is in place, you can start to set up interviews. You’ll have to call local TV and radio stations and see if you can book a slot, but the payoff can be worth it.

Additionally, book and genre-related podcasts are an awesome avenue to help with your promotion!

Send to influencers

In case you haven’t built up enough excitement yet, you need to get your book out to influencers!

Influencers are people who have significant clout in a particular circle. In other words, you’ll want this going to high-profile bloggers, potentially other authors or YouTube stars you think may be interested.

Don’t stop there! If there’s anybody relevant in your \”real life\” circle, make sure they get a copy as well!


Marketing your book is full of trial and error, and what works for one book may not work for your next. However, there are some surefire steps you can take that are generally regarded to be good moves.

Follow each of these steps to the best of your ability, or tweak what’s relevant for a fully customized marketing plan. Regardless, with some savvy and a little luck, your presale numbers will go through the roof.

If you have questions regarding the marketing process, feel free to reach out.

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