An Evening of Eschatology

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After the Desiring God Conference this year, John Piper asked a few of the participants to stick around and engage in a panel discussion on eschatology.  There is a representative from Postmillennialism, Amillennialism, and Premillennialism.

The discussion is very interesting and is available here.

Honest and open . . . refreshing for a debate on eschatology.  Each party respects the others views and each representative admits the weaknesses inherent in their own view.  The best speaker/debater on the panel by far is Doug Wilson, the representative of Postmillenialism, but everyone else holds their own as well.

Eschatology (the study of last things) is a fascinating subject in these times and fiercely debated among Christians.  What does one’s view of the millennium matter as long as all evangelicals agree Jesus is coming back?  My honest answer is that I have no idea.  The Evening of Eschatology has whet my appetite, so to speak, and I am already starting to read books that will help explain the different points of views.  The first book that I am reading and reviewing for The Lucid Blog will be \”The Millennial Maze\” by Stanley J. Grenz.

In addition to reviewing eschatology books and materials, I will also attempt to define each position in layman’s terms to provide a clearer understanding of what each viewpoint holds to.  As good as the Evening at Eschatology is as a launching pad into this subject, I came away with less clarity on each point of view rather than more clarity.

What are your thoughts on the debate?  What about eschatology in general?  Which category would you place yourself in?

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