Are You Using Your Soapbox? Strategies for Authors to Amplify Their Voice

Imagine this: your words, your stories, your voice echoing not just in a solitary room, but reverberating across the globe, touching readers, and igniting conversations. As an author, you don’t just have a pen; you have a microphone, a spotlight, and a stage. And yes, a soapbox

The soapbox metaphor dates back to the days when speakers would stand on a wooden crate, or soapbox, in public areas to make impromptu speeches. Nowadays, the soapbox isn’t so much physical as it is digital. It’s your platform, your stage, and your microphone to the world. So, the million-dollar question is: Are you using your soapbox to its fullest potential?

1. Understanding Your Unique Message

Every author writes from a place of passion, whether it’s a Christian novel, a self-help book, or a deep dive into history. But what is the core message or takeaway you want readers to grasp? Understanding this foundational message is pivotal.

Action Tip: Write down the central theme or message of your book in one sentence. This will act as your compass, guiding your efforts to share it with a broader audience.

2. Establishing Your Digital Platform

In the age of the internet, your digital presence is your primary soapbox.

Website: It’s not just a place for your bio and book synopsis. Think of it as your home base, where readers can dive deeper into topics you touch on in your books.

Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook can be vital in connecting with readers. Engage with your followers, share insights, and remember to remain consistent.

Action Tip: Dedicate time each week to update your website and post on social media. Engagement leads to growth!

3. Engage with Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Don’t overlook the grassroots efforts. Book clubs and reading groups can be an incredible avenue to reach engaged readers and gather feedback.

Action Tip: Reach out to local and online book clubs, offering to join a meeting or provide signed copies for giveaways.

4. Contribute to Relevant Publications

One powerful way to step onto a larger soapbox is by contributing articles or opinion pieces to publications in your book’s niche. This not only positions you as an authority but also brings your message to a broader audience.

Action Tip: Research magazines, websites, blogs and digital newspapers relevant to your topic. Pitch article ideas that resonate with your book’s core message.

5. Collaborate with Fellow Authors

There’s strength in numbers. Partnering with fellow authors for joint events, webinars, or podcasts can help in reaching a more diverse audience.

Action Tip: Connect with authors in your genre or those who share a similar message. Brainstorm collaborative projects.

6. Participate in Panels and Workshops

Live events, though sometimes a little daunting, can be hugely beneficial in growing your readership. Make an effort to attend literary events, join panels, or conduct your own virtual workshops.

Action Tip: Research upcoming literary events in your region and pitch yourself as a speaker or panelist.

7. Remember to Listen

While you’re on your soapbox, don’t forget the power of two-way communication. Listen to your readers’ feedback, understand their perspectives, and adapt. It helps refine your message and grow as a writer.

Action Tip: Host Q&A sessions on your social media platforms. Engage directly with your readers and address their thoughts and concerns.

The Takeaway

As authors, our mission isn’t just to pen words on a page but to share a message that resonates, inspires, and provokes thought. Embracing and utilizing your soapbox, in all its forms, ensures that your voice doesn’t just echo in an empty room but reaches the corners of the world where someone might be waiting to hear just what you have to say.

Get out there, stand tall on your soapbox, and let the world hear your unique voice. Because, after all, what’s the point of having a soapbox if you’re not going to use it?

Happy writing and even happier sharing!

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