Benefits Of Turning To An Experienced Book Agency Over Self-Publishing

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If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing the internet for information on how to get your book published or maybe have found yourself using popular search terms like “book publishers near me,” you’ve most likely stumbled across a wealth of information. Oftentimes, we hear from new authors who, in the very beginning, were feeling more overwhelmed and confused on where to actually get started than anything else. So, if this sounds like you, as you navigate the journey of becoming a published author, know you’re not alone in your research. The good news? You’ve landed on the right blog post.

At this point, you’ve probably come across common publishing options like traditional publishing or self-publishing. Both of these options come with their own perspective benefits of getting your book written and sold to readers across the globe. One you may not have considered, though, is a hybrid between the two, and that is called “partnership publishing.”

That’s where Lucid Books comes in.

Lucid Books is not your traditional book publishing company, nor are we a self-publisher. We are the best of both worlds; a true partnership publishing company.

What we’ve found works best is to lay the groundwork to inspire, inform, and enrich the lives of our authors’ readers, while avoiding past publishing models that have traditionally held authors back from sharing their stories in written form.


Like a traditional publisher, we do have a stringent acquisition process. These editorial guidelines have enabled us to establish a respected label, with excellent authors, and high-quality books. Like a self-publisher, we also provide you with the rights of your manuscript, oversight of the production and marketing of your book, and the many benefits of potential long-term earnings. But, in no way does this mean you’re alone in the process. Our team is positioned to provide the expert editorial, publishing, and promotional support you need to get your book written and in the hands of your beloved readers.


The winning component for authors in choosing to write with a partnership publishing company comes from having more control throughout the writing process. Authors invest in their own work, or perhaps raise money through crowdfunding to finance their work, and then they keep the overarching share of their profit, rather than paying it all out. Authors also retain creative ownership and are treated more like partners in the process, instead of being at the whim of their publishers.

The key takeaway here is that when it comes to publishing your book, there is no “right” way to get it published. However, it’s likely that you’ll find one approach to publishing will be a better fit for you than another.

Ultimately, we know that making your book the best it can be takes a partner in publishing.
Lucid Books is here to do just that with our proven process. We exist to help you produce and publish an impactful book that people love to read and share!

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the pros and cons between traditional publishing, self-publishing, and partnership publishing, you can check out this blog post we wrote on this very topic.

If you would like to explore a partnership publishing relationship with our team at Lucid Books, click here to get started!

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