Book Review – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There In Sales!

what not to do as a newbie writer

This is a great book on upping your sales game. There is a lot of good advice in it, and you can easily apply it to a variety of disciplines.

Some of my favorite quotes:

On the human side of selling: \”Let’s simplify the human side: Your interactions with customers, regardless of what you sell, involve the combination of providing information and ensuring investment.\” (16)

\”Whereas once common sense might have counseled you to ‘start paying more attention to customers,’ ‘stop talking about yourself so much’ is now the watchword. We now frame behavioral change not in terms of perhaps ‘listen more attentively’ but in terms of ‘stop playing with your BlackBerry while others are talking.’ Most of us are geared to acknowledging the doing of something rather than its absence.\” (33)

Chapter 6, The Habits That Can Hold You Back In Sales, is worth the price of the book alone. The 16 habits listed, if changed, can have a huge impact on how much you sell. My favorites, and ones that I need to improve on, include the failure to be present, contact without a purpose, withholding passion and energy, explaining failure, and wasting energy. Appendix B has a great summary of these habits as well, be sure and check it out.

This book focuses on getting rid of bad habits to improve your sales technique, which is a nice change from the formulaic approaches often discussed in sales books. If you follow their advice and really work to remove some or all of these habits from your own life, you will see significant improvement. This is a valuable book for anyone looking to \”take it to the next level.\” Recommended.

Don’t dismiss the importance of sales as authors. In order for your book to be read and really gain momentum, you have to talk about it and sell it effectively. This book can help you get rid of some bad habits and give your book the best chance for success.


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