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A Stronger Knot

- Tying Together a United Marriage
 Format: Paperback  Author: Aaron Bunker  Category: Christian Living, Ministry Tools  Published: February 12, 2018  ISBN: 1-63296-177-6  Pages: 188  Buy on Amazon

Being a Christ-like spouse is a daunting challenge that can feel impossible—how can imperfect people have a healthy marriage? Throughout his years of marital counseling, this is the question Aaron Bunker has found every couple faces. In “A Stronger Knot”, Aaron provides a manual for how two broken people can love God and each other in the midst of their imperfections.

Couples reading “A Stronger Knot” will:

– Learn to understand their own emotions and how to use them
appropriately and effectively
– Be empowered in their individual walks with Christ
– Learn to navigate marital differences with a respectful, honoring approach
– Be encouraged to grow in intimacy through vulnerability
– Explore complex therapeutic concepts in a tangible, palatable format

Based on Aaron’s years of counseling practice, “A Stronger Knot” teaches readers how to foster an environment free of shame in order to work toward wholeness, both individually and maritally. Couples will feel challenged, encouraged, and empowered to implement these powerful principles into their own lives.

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