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Bumps Are Okay for Kids

- and Other Biblical Lessons Learned from Monster Trucks!
 Format: Paperback  Author: Sharon Czerwien  Category: Children's  Published: October 18, 2022  ISBN: 978-1-63296-557-8  Pages: 72  Buy on Amazon

BUMPS ARE OKAY FOR KIDS and Other Biblical Lessons Learned from Monster Trucks! is a uniquely balanced mix of STEM-based monster truck facts and faith-based applications for children. In this book, Sharon Czerwien uses monster trucks as the main analogy to teach twelve biblical lessons for when life gets bumpy.

In this book, award-winning Monster Jam driver, Brianna Mahon, shares fascinating monster truck facts.

This book includes:

  • Intriguing monster truck facts
  • Child-friendly spiritual analogies
  • Specific life application examples (application questions included)

“This is an awesome book, and every parent ought to read it with their children and talk about the awesome fact that bumps are okay!”

Dr. Steve Harney, Founder, Cool Kids Ministries

“Packed with information on monster trucks, Bumps are Okay is a captivating set of lessons for your class. Sharon Czerwien springboards into Biblical application on subjects like surviving hard times, obeying the rules, and finding the proper help. Perfect for what kids need today.”

Gail Gritts, Blogger and Teacher, Author of The Reba and Katherine Series and There’s a Hole in my Sock

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