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Come to Me

 Format: Paperback  Author: Joanna M. Wills  Category: Christian Living, Ministry Tools  Published: September 13, 2022  ISBN: 978-1-63296-549-3  Pages: 66  Buy on Amazon

Have you ever noticed the freedom and trust of a child as they come to a loving parent? Their actions are simple and void of fear. The Bible encourages us to come to Jesus as such a child. This book highlights the simplicity and purity of coming to Jesus at salvation and throughout our daily life.

Joanna M. Wills explores the depths of Jesus’s call to come to Him using personal life experiences and biblical examples. She encourages readers to seek increasing intimacy with Jesus and transformation with an open and turning heart while uncovering how circumstances, the right to self, and the human will hinder the response to simply come. Scriptural insights will reveal who this Christ is that we come to, how we are made one with Him through the Holy Spirit, and the fullness of that oneness in the church, the corporate bride of Christ.

Let’s step out together, answering Jesus’s call to “come to Me.” He is patiently waiting for our turning hearts so that He can make His presence known.

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