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Counterfeit Peace

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Ryan Duerk  Category: Christian Living, Memoir  Published: July 9, 2024  ISBN: 978-1632966889  Pages: 288  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

The end of ourselves is a lonely place to be, but it is often where miracles take place. Counterfeit Peace is a story of redemption. Ryan Duerk details the story of his life from childhood, into the ravages of addiction, and ultimately through the front doors of a rescue mission. He describes in intense detail what can happen to a life with no direction.

The memoir begins with a brief reflection on the psychological depths and despair of addiction and then moves into a personal account of how his descent into darkness was fueled by trauma, lack of identity, pain, and the endless pursuit of peace by any means necessary. The book attempts to answer the question, “Why do addicts do what they do?” Although painful to read at times, Counterfeit Peace candidly exposes the raw reality of dependence and brokenness.

Left with nothing but the air in his lungs, Ryan reaches out for help and finds himself checking into a rescue mission operated by Miracle Hill Ministries in South Carolina. With the nonjudgemental love of a community of believers, Ryan begins the arduous journey toward recovery. He chronicles his “crash course with the Creator” and unpacks the truths he uncovered along the way.

Through the boundless grace of God, Ryan responds to a call to ministry and eventually begins helping others just like himself. Through emotional storytelling and profound introspection, Ryan offers a beacon of hope to those grappling with addiction and paints an intimate portrait of what crisis ministry is at Miracle Hill.

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