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End Average

- A Man's Journey to Growth in Faith, Relationships, Health, and Finances
 Format: Paperback  Author: Ryan Hansen  Category: Christian Living  Published: February 6, 2020  ISBN: 978-1-63296-458-8  Pages: 148  Buy on Amazon

Everything we do either gets us closer to or further away from becoming the husbands our wives deserve, the fathers our kids need, and, ultimately, the men God intends us to be. ‘End Average’ is a reality check for men identifying as Christians. Ryan Hansen dives into what it takes to achieve permanent heart change that leads to balanced and consistent growth in faith, relationships, health, and finances. Through examples from his own hard-learned lessons and from wisdom found in the Bible, you’ll see what faith in action looks like between Sunday sermons. ‘End Average’ will challenge you to start living with intentionality and purpose as you seek to glorify God in everything you do.

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