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Family Fundamentals

- A Playbook for Family Legacy
 Format: Paperback  Author: Daniel McKee  Category: Christian Living, Ministry Tools  Published: May 25, 2021  ISBN: 978-1-63296-447-2  Pages: 150  Buy on Amazon

Family is messy. We all need direction in the chaos and confusion of life. Many people hire personal trainers to help them succeed in fitness or business, but trainers for family are difficult to find. Yet most would say their family relationships are significantly more valuable than their physique or finances. Instead of working strategically to get relationships in shape from the beginning, families usually only seek help to pick up the broken pieces of their struggling journey. Family Fundamentals is designed to ground you with a clear vision and strategy in order to lead a lasting family legacy. By applying the principles set forth in this book, you will be equipped with tools to take practical steps forward as you implement the 5 T’s:

Team – Discover Your Family Mission
Time – Develop an Intentional Rhythm
Table – Build Lasting Connection
Tech – Strategically Utilize Technology
Traditions – Celebrate Key Moments and Milestones

Your future family begins today by learning and applying these fundamentals of family.

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