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From Plowing to Preaching

- How God Redeemed and Used an Ordinary Farm Couple
 Format: Paperback  Author: Carol Bayne  Category: Christian Living  Published: December 3, 2018  ISBN: 1-63296-307-8  Pages: 216  Buy on Amazon

Discover a Christ who is alive and active in the lives of ordinary people.

In a culture where those who claim the name of Christ seem to live most of their days in apathy and spiritual boredom, ‘From Plowing to Preaching’ shares event after event of God’s personal intervention in providing leadership, provision, and blessings. Author Carol Bayne writes of the amazing ways God revealed Himself in His redemption of herself and her farmer husband Don Bayne, and how He led them from a life as farmers to Bible school and then to pastoring their home church.

From her own brokenness, Carol shares lessons learned in the crucible of pain and disappointment and the beauty that can come from the ashes of our lives. Through the teachings of scripture and the wisdom that comes from personal experience, she shares truths and insights that will guide any broken or struggling believer to overcome and find victory in their walk with Christ. Throughout the book, Carol draws attention to important themes in the Christian experience such as:

• Pursuing your dreams
• Learning the fear of the Lord
• Overcoming the lies of the enemy through the truths of scripture
• Finding your joy in the Lord and in serving others

Carol’s heart is to reveal a Christ who is very much alive and active in the lives of ordinary people who are totally committed to His purposes and glory. In short, ‘From Plowing to Preaching’ will remind the reader that with an authentic faith in the risen Lord and an eternal perspective, the Christian life will be one of adventure, purpose, meaning, and hope.

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