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From the Homefront

- Memoirs of a Military Spouse
 Format: Paperback  Author: Sandy Hope Stewart  Category: Christian Living, Family & Relationships  Published: September 5, 2023  ISBN: 978-1632966124  Pages: 164  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

The military can be viewed from many perspectives. From technical to strategic and equipment to front-line observations, each reveals varying aspects of how our military operates. Although far less attention is paid to it, the home and the heart of the military family is a crucial aspect in the overall military function.

In Memoirs of a Military Spouse, Sandy Hope Stewart shares with her readers how she was able, and in many cases unable, to cope with the seemingly impossible demands placed upon her as a spouse of a military member. With her faith severely tested when her husband was called to serve in a secret mission, she would learn that God used every situation to reveal to her and heal her from life-long fears, anxieties, and misconceptions that had plagued her since childhood. She believes He desires to do so for all of us.

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