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- How the Bible Resolves Life's Tough Questions
 Format: Paperback  Author: Jeff Ludington  Category: Christian Living, Sermon To Book  Published: May 18, 2017  ISBN: 1632961148  Pages: 174  Buy on Amazon

Ever had a hard question about life, God, or the Bible, but heard only trite answers? You’re not alone.

Many people have tough questions they want to ask, but the church has either discouraged their questions or given them vague, watered-down answers that ring hollow. Because of the church’s failure to respond, the Bible seems like an outdated book that doesn't apply to today.

Frustrated seeks to give satisfying answers to these complicated questions.

This book takes an in-depth look at today’s hard questions through the lens of a 1900-year-old letter to a Roman church, a letter that provides substantial answers to the questions we ask today.

• Does God only want good people?
• Can I find real hope in this life?
• Is it all about the dos and don'ts?

Each chapter will show the reader not just how to answer the questions in this book, but how to study the Bible in a way that provides satisfying answers for other challenging questions they’ll face. Believing that the Bible is still the eternal, true Word of God, we can begin again to answer questions in a gospel-centered, satisfying way.

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