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God’s Plan

- A Children's Guide to Jesus As Our Great Salvation in the Bible
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Gerry Escalante  Category: Children's  Published: July 9, 2018  ISBN: 1-63296-221-7  Pages: 52  Buy on Amazon

“Gerry Escalante is a friend of mine and I am grateful that he wrote this wonderful book for parents who want their children to know God’s amazing plan for their lives. “God’s Plan” will help you engraft God’s true story of creation, the fall, redemption and restoration on the hearts our children and grand children in a simple and memorable way. I would recommend that you get this book and read it to your children every night before they go to bed. Excellent job my friend.”

-Mike Larsen, Lead Pastor at Encounter Christian Church and Author of “Thanks for Asking: Equipping God’s people with answers to life’s tough’s questions”

“Gerry Escalante is a writer and leader with such a caring heart. He writes with a passion and engagement that shows his true desire to see the gospel to reach kids in an accessible way. I would love to see this lyrical and engaging work find its’ way into every home.”

-Jeff Ludington – Author of “Frustrated: How the Bible Resolves Life’s Tough Questions” and Lead Pastor at Generations Church.

Journey with your child through the remarkable stories found in the Bible as you rhyme your way from the Creation account to Jesus’s ascension, discovering that from the beginning God always planned to bring what was lost back to Him. In God’s Plan, your child will learn:
• How the Old Testament points to Jesus as God’s ultimate Salvation and Savior
• How God faithfully completed His plan and purpose for His people, even in the face of adversity
• That God’s masterful plan was always Jesus
This book is not just for children, but for all ages to be used in a family and church setting. Come and see God’s plan unfold.

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