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Gospel in the Home

- Turning Chaos Back Into Order
 Format: Paperback  Author: Connor Bales  Category: Christian Living  Published: September 12, 2016  ISBN: 1-63296-090-7  Pages: 186  Buy on Amazon

God created the home in perfection—to be a place of peace, harmony, and unconditional love. But sin shattered God’s plan, and now strife, chaos, and stress frequently trouble the home. Relationships are broken, sex is distorted, finances divide parents, parenting seems impossible, and normal is actually abnormal. How do we navigate our homes through chaos? In “Gospel in the Home,” we will examine how the gospel turns chaos back into order. The gospel isn't just a message to be embraced, but a life to be lived—it heals broken people, empowers the weak, clarifies the uncertain, and speaks into every season of life. The only way to restore our families is to have the Gospel in the Home.

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