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Healed for Life

- A Story of Redemption
 Format: Paperback  Author: Cynthia Wenz  Category: Christian Living, Life  Published: 03 Apr, 2017  ISBN: 1632961067  Pages: 124  Buy on Amazon

“‘We probably didn't get everything,’ the clinician’s words rang in my ears. I lay on the hospital bed, growing increasingly anxious and horrified as I imagined what body parts might still be inside of me.

The technician stared intently at the screen as she rolled the probe over my abdomen. Why was she taking so long? She scanned for a few minutes, left to get her supervisor, and then returned to scan some more. I couldn't take it. ‘Can you tell me what is going on?’

Not knowing about my recent abortion, the nurse replied, ‘The baby is moving so quickly that we can't get a steady image.’

‘Baby?’ I gasped. ‘What baby?’

She turned the screen toward me so that I could see. The screen revealed a deflated gestational sac to the right, and one intact sac to the left. I was still pregnant with a healthy, 5.3-centimeter fetus, swimming like mad, with a perfectly strong heartbeat. I had been carrying twins.”
In “Healed for Life”, Cynthia Wenz teams up with New York Times bestseller David Gregory to share the intimate details leading up to and beyond that pivotal, miraculous moment in the hospital: generational brokenness, statutory rape, sexual promiscuity, three abortions, drugs, depression, eating disorders, and two decades of toxic relationships. Through it all, Cynthia learned that, as heartbreaking as a past might be, God radically redeems and wholly heals. All who have experienced severe pain have a choice: to stay submerged in the hurt, or to walk in the fullness of His healing. Cynthia shares her journey to encourage Life to the full.

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