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Imprisoned to Hope

- Forgiveness as a Form of Lament
 Format: Paperback  Author: Vernon Burger II  Category: Christian Living  Published: August 10, 2017  ISBN: 1632961318  Pages: 156  Buy on Amazon

The tears of God are the strength of history. It is this paradox that is the pathway for an honest faith that is both honoring to God and able to be true to every day life. “Imprisoned to Hope” will help you:

1. Learn The Big Story of God’s redemption for all creation
2. See how to recover lament as a way for honest faith
3. Know that forgiveness itself is a type of lament
4. Live out the the hope of God’s merciful presence in all of life

When we understand that God is fully present, and affected, during the deepest times of violation, we are then empowered to vocalize our greatest pains and see that honest faith is not only filled with praise, but can even include pain and doubt. It is this type of biblical faith that allows us to see His merciful presence in all situations. This is the path to being imprisoned to hope.

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