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Lord, It’s Time for Just You and Me, Book 3

- A Devotional
 Format: Paperback  Author: Cheryl Lynn Betz  Category: Christian Living  Published: September 26, 2023  ISBN: 9781632966100  Pages: 212  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

As it is helpful to use tools to plant seeds in a garden, it is helpful to use a devotional to plant and nourish seeds of faith during your quiet time with the Lord in His Word. Cheryl Lynn Betz has written this devotional to use as a tool to help strengthen and enrich your time with Him. It is compiled of sixty poignant messages and teachings, which will help you apply the Scriptures to your life with joy.

“I have no authority but that which the Lord has given me. I have no gifts but those which He has bestowed upon me. I have no life but that which He has breathed into me. And of course, I have no words but those which He has created. Please, Lord, breathe life into these words to Your glory.”

Cheryl Lynn Betz

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