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Love You From Right Here

- A Keepsake Book for Children in Foster Care
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Jamie Sandefer  Category: Children's  Published: 20 Nov, 2019  ISBN: 978-1-63296-362-8  Pages: 32  Illustrator: Pamela Goodman  Buy on Amazon

“At CASA, our role is to provide a voice for kids in the foster care system. A book like this is a great tool for our volunteers and for all adults in a foster kid’s life—we highly recommend it!”
—Ann McAlpin, Executive Director, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County, Texas

“This sweet little book is the very one I wish I had when children came and especially when they left. It provides a concrete way to hold an important piece of our shared history. Every person caring for our vulnerable children will want multiple copies.”
—Kathy Harrison, Author of Another Place at the Table and One Small Boat

“I have a new favorite ‘good-bye’ tradition with my foster children. The final pages of the book have room for photos and memories and messages. I plan on re-stocking my supply of this book, as I fully intend on sending this along with every child who leaves my home.”
—Jamie Finn, Foster Parent, Speaker, Author of “Foster the Family” blog

“Love You From Right Here” is a children’s book for children in foster care. Written from the foster parent to the foster child, it takes you through an abbreviated look at the emotions a young foster child experiences throughout their transition to a new home. The message to the child is that while they are in that home, they will be safe and loved. It also serves as a keepsake book with a journaling section. This portion of the book includes places for photos, journaling lines, and simple writing prompts. Children in foster care move an average of seven times in their lives. The keepsake section of this book gives the foster family an opportunity to provide the child with a piece of their history if they leave.

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