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Me and Patsy

- A Story Capturing the Fears, Joys, Sorrows, Faith, and Heroism of Military Families
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Sienna Cochran  Category: Children's  Published: March 19, 2024  ISBN: 9781632969002  Pages: 20  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Lucy and her beloved polar bear, Patsy, lead carefree lives. But one day, her father must go across the ocean to do his Duty. Patsy helps little Lucy navigate the emotions of separation from her father, and together, they learn that Duty is something noble that her father must do.

Travel to Europe with Lucy and Patsy as they experience many new adventures. They visit many famous sights, from cathedrals to the White Cliffs of Dover, pausing along the way to remember the heroes who died in World War II. With Patsy’s help, Lucy learns many lessons, including the most important one of all, that she is not just Daddy’s little princess – she is God’s little princess, too.

Me and Patsy captures the fears, joys, sorrows, and heroism of military families and the faith that can hold them together.

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