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Morning Thoughts

- 365 Challenges to Help You Focus on Christ
 Format: Paperback  Author: Joshua Dombrosky  Category: Christian Living  Published: April 1, 2012  ISBN: 1935909460  Pages: 401  Buy on Amazon

Offering 365 challenges to help you focus on Christ, Morning Thoughts deals with everyday life struggles we all face. It will challenge you to evaluate aspects of your life, to examine your faith, to do things for others, and to actively seek after Christ.

Morning Thoughts is not meant to replace daily Bible reading, but to complement it. The author understands that reading, praying, and worshiping are all crucial aspects of a relationship with Christ, and thus weaves each of these expressions into the daily challenges. Each day provides a thought for the morning, a challenge to focus on the thought throughout the day, and a place to record your reflections in the evening. Are you ready and willing to be challenged?

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