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Our Gift-Giving God: A Devotional

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Andrea Kim  Category: Christian Living  Published: November 19, 2018  ISBN: 1-63296-256-X  Pages: 120  Buy on Amazon

Has Christmas gotten to be just the same old, same old? Do you feel as if you’re simply going through the motions, even though you know this should be a season of celebration and worship? Same tree, same Christmas songs, same baked goods.

Come and refresh your hope in Christmas through Our Gift-Giving God. This devotional will take the reader through the traditions and symbols of Christmastime and uncover the deep, gospel truths woven throughout that God has for each and every one of us.

Throughout these chapters, you will discover:

• A purposeful, firmly planted life
• Friendship
• Joy
• Protection
• A new beginning
• Provision
• Mercy
• Unfettered approval

In this eight-day study, you can unwrap the very best gifts and the best news you’ll receive all year. Spend time opening the gifts only our gift-giving God can deliver.

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