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Remain: Workbook

- Workbook
 Format: Paperback  Author: Jacob Phelps  Category: Christian Living  Published: 28 Mar, 2023  ISBN: 9781632965882  Pages: 74  Buy on Amazon  Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Going to church is easy. Making disciples is hard. But Jesus commands all Christians to go and make disciples, so we must look to him as our example of how to obey his command and live a life of purpose. All creation exists to glorify God, and as his children, we bring him the most glory when we live in obedience.

Remain takes a look at every believer’s responsibility in the disciple-making process as it relates to Jesus’s plan for his creation. The goal is to equip believers to study and understand their role in becoming disciples who make disciples as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19-20. The author presents robust, insightful discussion and examples around key topics such as:

● Disciple-making as Jesus’s desire from the beginning.

● Disciple-making as the one true catalyst for eternal impact.

● The biblical model for making disciples.

● Importance of engaging in spiritual conversations.

● Correlation between holiness and disciple-making.

Many believers devote most of their lives to things outside the walls of the local church and limit their impact for the Kingdom of God to a couple hours a week. If we want to imitate Jesus, we must surrender entirely to the pursuit of making disciples.

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