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Rooster and Squid

- Missing Magpies
 Format: Paperback  Author: Jen Cole  Category: Children's  Published: June 11, 2024  ISBN: 978-1632966711  Pages: 72  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Join Rooster and Squid in their latest adventure, Missing Magpies, the second book in the delightful Rooster and Squid series. When a pair of mischievous magpies make a daring escape from the local zoo, they become the talk of the town. As the search for the missing birds unfolds, it becomes apparent they are not the only things missing. A strange string of disappearances leaves everyone baffled. And if that wasn’t enough, Gen’s parents, Moose and Pops, come to town, adding their own brand of chaos to the family shenanigans.

While solving mysteries and navigating family antics, Rooster and Squid also offer valuable tips on caring for puppies and kittens, the importance of dental care for your pets, and intriguing insights into the world of magpies. And just when you thought you knew it all, discover some little-known facts about elephants and cockroaches!

Missing Magpies is a heartwarming and humorous tale that blends mystery with the endearing charm of Rooster and Squid and their family.

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